The path of the martial artist is like a flame. Practicing the martial arts will only cause pain. The dangers are countless and the road is filled with obstacles. Everyone who walks down it will eventually turn to ash, but the true martial artist will be reborn from these ashes. Even if I was only a small and weak moth, I will walk into the flames without hesitation. I will fight my destiny for a one in a million chance that I will experience my own samsara and be reborn into a flaming phoenix. And even now, I am no longer a moth.
— Young Lin Ming and his martial road, Chapter 17 - Lan Yunyue

Lin Ming is the main character of the novel Martial World.

Once a common youth with average talent, until he found a strange cube that changed his destiny and set him on the path to becoming the greatest cultivator in the 33 heavens and 18 abysses.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

In the beginning, his looks was fairly average and he was rather tanned due to his excessive martial arts training in the heat of the sun.

Lin Ming seemed valiant and noble, but in truth that was because there was a sharp aura that came from his forehead. In terms of Lin Ming’s looks, he couldn’t have been considered too outstanding.

But as his strength grew over time, so did his looks.

Dragon Among Men[edit | edit source]

He became increasingly perfect and flawless because of the many transformations in his life, his appearance and temperament stood out as a dragon among men.

He had lived through many great changes, and the air around him seemed much sharper and fiercer than before.

Lin Ming's looks became more handsome and perfect, his face more edged and strong.

His eyelashes were thick and his eyes were like priceless black gems.

He is described to have sword-straight eyebrows that slanted towards his temples and that his appearance was resolute and proud. He gave off a sharp feeling as if he were some treasure sword hidden in a sheath.

Lin Ming's nose was straight and his face seemed to be carved by the sword of a master. His back was broad, his spine strong. His legs were long and filled with potent power.

Every muscle striation seemed to flow like a river, appearing like art itself. While Lin Ming’s muscles contained an aesthetic beauty that was smooth and powerful at the same time, they also contained a crazy explosive force. Every subtle line of his muscles was filled with powerful and dominant beauty.

His skin seemed as if it were a work of art carved from the most precious jade. At this time, his entire body could be called perfection.

His long black hair hung loose and his momentum was extraordinary. Just by standing there, he resembled a spear, noble and dignified.[2]

He was like a holy war general that could sweep away a thousand enemies with his divine spear.

Lin Ming, at times, also resembled a young and elegant scholar. But, there was actually a great dragon slumbering within his body. Once it awoke, the heavens and earth would tremble!

Personality[edit | edit source]

In the beginning, Lin Ming always had a heart for the martial way and would practice martial arts all-day until the pain was bone-deep.

His devotion to martial arts and the spear was one of the main factors that helped him reach higher levels and greater strengths in his martial road.

Resolute[edit | edit source]

Lin Ming was always seen as a resolute man that had a straightforward personality. When people like Lin Ming said something, they would always push through.

He had an unwavering spirit that would never back down in any situation.

He has always been determined to reach his goals and strives to achieve them. Since the start of his martial road, Lin Ming has spared no effort in reaching the peak of martial arts.

Righteous[edit | edit source]

Lin Ming has always veered towards the righteous path. His nature was to be fair and upright. He would be consistent in what he does and will never renege on a promise.

Lin Ming’s character had always tended towards being strong and forthright. The promises he made he would complete sooner or later; he disliked when others doubted him.

He is also a very hardworking young man that believes those who view martial arts as a tool to get fame and glory will fall.

Forward[edit | edit source]

In the beginning, he was particularly timid towards the relations of man and women. This might be because of his torn past with Lan Yunyue.

However, after so many years of martial arts practice, Lin Ming was no longer that newbie who had entered the Seven Profound Martial House, nearly losing his mind in the pass of passion on that sea jade platform.

Instead, he was a master who was capable of controlling his own emotions.

Fierce[edit | edit source]

It was said that with Lin Ming's talent and character, he would be an incredibly fierce character.

He not only had terrifying strength but also a cool mind. When Lin Ming did something he always acted within his limitations with full knowledge of the consequences. In a tense situation, he had still chosen to use the most appropriate tactic at the key moment!

At one time, he had been named a demon even amongst those demonic realm cultivators.[3]

Aloof[edit | edit source]

When a martial artist reaches Large Success in their cultivation, they would usually be impartial towards mortal affairs. To them, they were just observers in this world that did not need to be touched by the karma of the world.

With that being said, Lin Ming does not like to owe others favors, so he rarely accepts gifts. Of course, unless they are from someone he loves or trusts. This is mainly because he does not want to be touched with karmic ties; so that he would have no obstructions on his martial path.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

At the start, Lin Ming came from the most common of mortal backgrounds. Until he had found the magic cube, he was but a speck of dust in the infinite domains.

It was at the age of 15 that his martial road had truly started. His martial arts potential suddenly skyrocketed in a stunning style, and at that point his ascension became unstoppable.

In the martial arts world, this sort of situation was relatively minor but it wasn’t too rare. For instance, someone like the Eightfall Thunder Emperor had both ups and downs in his life and had managed to reach great heights in his future.

However, there was not one but many defining characteristics that Lin Ming had that no other peerless genius had. In the beginning, he had a true heart of martial arts, not only that but he also had endurance and perseverance that was astounding. If Lin Ming had to say what he excelled in, it wasn’t his martial talent or perception, but rather his heart of martial arts and solid will. The martial intents that Lin Ming had obtained were all closely related to these two.

By becoming a moth drawn to the great flame of martial arts, he would soon ascend even higher than any other, reaching an unimaginable height.

In the beginning, when he had lacked resources, he had sold inscription symbols to make up for it. When he lacked cultivation techniques, he had the magic cube to make up for it. When his perception was lacking, he had supplemented it with the Heretical God Force, Ancient Phoenix blood along with all-sorts of resources. What he lacked he easily resolved through unending hard work. This was a testament to his ingenuity and perseverance.

Later on, he would achieve many others from his adventures and life-death situations that he had faced:

Great Wit[edit | edit source]

Because of his great will and unyielding spirit, he had a great temperament and usually never backed down from a battle of words. Even in the face of imminent danger and threats, he would not back down!

To stay exceedingly calm in the face of such a terrifying influence was extraordinary. In such situations, he would also manage to maintain his own position and interests while not touching their bottom line. This insight and poise was not something that just anybody had.

Overtime as Lin Ming kept treading on the martial path, his aura had changed. This was the so-called king’s aura. This aura would give Lin Ming’s words a gritty daring and also held deep confidence and glory. This sort of confidence and valor was slowly accumulated over time.

If Lin Ming didn’t cultivate the martial path and stayed in the mortal world, he’d still be able to become an emperor among the people. Lin Ming’s words were filled with zealous energy and the confidence that belonged to a king.

Heart of Martial Arts[edit | edit source]

Lin Ming has one of the greatest heart of martial arts that a martial artist could dream to have. He was someone who had a passion for martial arts and revered the laws of the martial way. At his core, Lin Ming was someone who enjoyed the thrill of combat. Fighting with masters, this feeling of true pain seeping through his body, this truly made his blood seethe with excitement. Only a hearty battle could satisfy his fervor for martial arts.

Brave and Valorous[edit | edit source]

Lin Ming was a headstrong person that had confidence in his abilities.

He was calm and restrained like an immutable mountain.

But when combat broke out, he was like a limitless edge, stunning the world!

His determination to seek the peak of martial arts was astounding, he could practically do anything with his great will of martial arts. If needed, he could kill ten thousand demons, countless immortals, and even slay war buddhas in heaven.

No amount of danger could scare Lin Ming to the point of running away, lest the situation meant absolute death. If he had even a slim chance of surviving, then Lin Ming would inevitably strive towards that particular goal, never stopping.[4]

Regardless of any danger, Lin Ming’s aura was peerlessly sharp. It was able to destroy even unbreakable defenses; it was like a long spear that cut through all![5]

If an ordinary person were to hear of this then they would think that Lin Ming’s idea was too crazy, but it was also consistent with Lin Ming’s usual style. He had always been like this.

When he was at Thundercrash Mountain, Lin Ming dared to take the treasures of a Thunder Flood Dragon. At Houtian, he had entered the Demon God Imperial Palace and tricked the Life Destruction elders there. When he was just at Xiantian Realm, he had entered the Holy Demon Continent and the Blood Slaughter Steppes, going through many life-death situations and even went to an absolute death land, returning alive.[4]

At just the late Revolving Core realm, Lin Ming dared to risk his life to cross into Life Destruction and challenge every Destiny Decree master of the Asura Divine Kingdom by himself. Moreover, he had obtained victory in the end. This was valor and determination that couldn’t be possessed by the average person.[4]

However, according to the choices and actions Lin Ming took in the past, he wouldn’t make an insane decision unless he had confidence in himself.

Ruthlessness[edit | edit source]

Formidable strength, terrifying talent, inhuman stamina, a calm, decisive, and ruthless mind and tactics, he killed without hesitation all in order to rid himself of future problems. Such a terrifying person was dreaded.

Lin Ming may have a heart for martial arts but he is also decisive when it comes to critical moments. In a battle of life and death, Lin Ming naturally wouldn’t care about something so stupid like fighting one against one for the sake of some martial arts spirit.

Although he is very stalwart and valorous, Lin Ming is also a merciless god of death that is willing to kill anyone that dare harm those closest to him, no matter what the cost. This kind of killing was born from incidents he had faced in the past.

If someone gives one foot of respect then he shall give them 10 feet of respect. If someone attacks him, then he will simply stab them with three sabers. Whoever dares to harm his friends and family, then he shall annihilate nine generations of their entire family!

Many years ago, when Lin Ming was in the Seven Profound Valleys he had offended the Seven Profound Valleys’ Acacia Faction’s Ouyang Family. Because of that, Lin Ming had been taught a profound lesson.

Due to his carelessness, Qin Xingxuan had nearly been killed by the Ouyang Family.

Ever since he had suffered under Mu Qingshu, Mu Chihuo, and Ouyang Boyan, almost causing those close to him to pay with their lives, Lin Ming had become increasingly decisive and ruthless. He would stamp out the trouble at the source before it was allowed to bloom.

From that point on, Lin Ming had firmed his resolve. Against all his enemies, he must be ruthless!

  • When it came to enemies that could harm him, his family, or his friends, he would treat them ruthlessly without the slightest bit of mercy, cutting down the problem at the roots as soon as possible.
  • Sometimes, even the most common-seeming characters could come back to bite like a viper in the grass. If he didn’t remove the weed by the roots then there would always be a viper aiming at him from the dark. After suffering a lesson from Ouyang Boyan, Lin Ming would not allow this kind of matter to repeat itself again.
  • Even if they were weaklings, as long as they were hostile to him Lin Ming didn’t plan to let them off, regardless of whether they came from large organizations or if there were any advantages to doing so. He would strangle all dangers while they were in the crib.

Killing Intent[edit | edit source]

After killing mountains of powerhouses, he had been called 'Death God' and 'Death Star' in many occasions. His killing intent had already formed into a great force field, capable of casting anyone into a cold sweat.

This aura was similar to the fabled Yama of hell, a lord who was able to sentence all to life and death with but a single brushstroke!

If gods stepped in his way he would kill gods, if buddhas blocked his path he would cut down buddhas!

Although he is a ruthless and cunning martial artist, Lin Ming wasn’t a bloodthirsty killer. He needed a reason to kill others – he wouldn’t slaughter innocents. In truth, he wasn’t a cold and callous individual. Thus, Lin Ming wasn’t a demon who killed without rhyme or reason.

War God[edit | edit source]

Throughout his entire martial road, Lin Ming had been continually fighting and even many times he had nearly died. But because of these fights he became battle-hardened.

Lin Ming didn’t fear to compare in any aspect. Whether it was physical strength, endurance, will, or anything else, it was enough to make his opponents vomit blood in frustration.

He had an incomparable martial will and endurance, extraordinary speed, super-strong defensive power, a wide arsenal of martial skills and inheritances, top-grade weapons at his disposal, and his mastery with the spear.

In terms of cultivation, he had an incomparably solid cultivation foundation, multiple types of high-level martial intents, a seemingly endless true essence reserve, a peerless body that was at the level of a God Beast, a deep understanding of Concept and Laws, and even a supreme soul with outstanding soul force.

With all of these factors superimposed upon each other, Lin Ming truly had no weaknesses at all. His fearfulness lay in his all-around versatility. Every single aspect of battle was simply a strength of his!

Majesty[edit | edit source]

In addition to being a ruthless cultivator, Lin Ming acquired an unparalleled prestige with his repeated feats or 'miracles' throughout his martial road. After growing up, he had a certain pressure on him that would give others a sense of awe.

His behavior evolved through the years, from the simple manners he displayed as a young fervent martial artist to the more dignified and experienced Lin Ming, who was like a wizened person. All his repeated victories, after stepping on the prestige of other geniuses, together with the many imposing titles granted to him, such as Sage Lin or Human Emperor, this had ingrained into him the nobility and pride befitting an Emperor that slaughtered his way to the top.

He would later become an overruling god at his lofty height. As the Dao Originator of realms and as the Martial Ancestor of the world.

Transformations[edit | edit source]

Charm[edit | edit source]

In the world of martial artists, a person’s strength, talent, and moral character were the most attractive charms to the opposite sex. Lin Ming possessed all of that in abundance. Not just that, but his handsome looks, his temperament, all of him was truly outstanding. Thus, he naturally attracted the yearning hearts of young girls.[6]

Martial Talent[edit | edit source]

Lin Ming’s martial talent had never been good. But with the support of the ethereal martial intent, God Beast bloodlines, and the Heretical God Force giving him an abnormally high fusion compatibility with thunder and fire cultivation methods, Lin Ming’s cultivation speed hadn’t been slow. At the time, his perception was even only so-so.[7]

Only after ascending the Sky Spill Planet would his talent reach a new qualitative leap. His perception would greatly increase with the help of the Heretical God Seed's high fusion compatability, comprehending a high-level Concept of Fire and a fourth-level Concept of Thunder as a top master of the lower realms. Due to the memories of Divine Seal, Lin Ming would further increase his perception towards Space-Time Laws.

When he had cultivated triple essence, founded all sorts of heaven-defying heavenly treasures, and cultivated top-tier cultivation methods such as the Asura Sutra and Holy Scripture would he become a true peerless genius of his generation.

Peerless Genius[edit | edit source]

The word genius couldn’t even describe how Lin Ming had managed to grow to such a degree in this situation. Of course, there had to be massive lucky chances, but just lucky chances wasn’t enough. He would need to have an iron will and immense talent in order to do so. Without those, there would be no number of lucky chances that could boost a person to the peak of martial arts.

A true genius was always growing. The so-called specter of destiny was that when all conditions were the same, those things that others couldn’t use could actually be used by the destiny-blessed. Those things that couldn’t be obtained by others could actually be obtained. When others died in the dangers of mystic realms, a true genius gifted by destiny would be able to overcome all obstacles, using their methods to turn danger into glory. They would be able to escape to the heavens and even capture treasures in return.

This was destiny. It was a fundamentally different concept from luck.

Facing Lin Ming, one would always feel that he was too mysterious, too powerful, a being that surpassed all common reasoning.

Facing Lin Ming, even if you thought you were stronger, he would still easily suppress you. You would never know just where the limits of his strength lay.

People who knew him or even had faced him in combat would always have a faint premonition in their heart that Lin Ming would always win, no matter how strong the opponent was. Unless they were an extremely old monster, then even if one was two whole boundaries higher than him, Lin Ming would still find ways to defeat or even kill his opponents!

This was a testimony to his awe-inspiring absolute strength and their heaven-defying strength!

Highest Under the Heavens[edit | edit source]

With the glorious sunset fading behind him, Lin Ming appeared floating high in the air, wrapped in an untouched white robe. A peerless talent with a divine appearance.

Handsome and beautiful, his temperament was ethereal and sublime, as if he weren’t of the world. His steps were calm. As he walked on the wind, his black hair danced in the wind, whipped up by the frenzied heaven and earth origin energy. His eyes were as deep as the stars, and as one looked into them, it was as if one could see the mysteries of the heavens within, making one easy to be lost within his gaze.

With every step Lin Ming took, he could feel that every breath he took contained a touch of fragrance. Even his bodily fluids like his saliva and sweat had an aromatic and fresh scent.

This was because after he was reborn with a spirit body, not only were there no impurities in his body, but any casual movement he took was able to direct heaven and earth origin energy into his body, flooding every corner of his being with that pure energy.

At that moment, Lin Ming felt as if he were standing on a higher realm above the world of mortals, aloof and haughty with the fate of all grasped in his hands.

Indifferent, calm, and without the slightest hint of emotion; this was the perspective of a divine god.

At this time, Lin Ming resembled a young and elegant scholar. But, there was actually a great dragon slumbering within his body. Once it awoke, the heavens and earth would tremble!

The word genius couldn’t even describe how Lin Ming had managed to grow to such a degree in this situation, in a barren plane like the Sky Spill Continent. Of course, there had to be massive lucky chances, but just lucky chances weren’t enough. He would need to have an iron will and immense talent in order to do so. Without those, there would be no number of lucky chances that could boost a person to the peak of martial arts.

In that moment, Lin Ming suddenly gained insight and all of his thoughts became incomparably clear and free-flowing. He only felt a deep heroic spirit rise from within him and impact towards the highest heavens!

Although Lin Ming had never given birth to thoughts that it would be better if he were born in the Divine Realm, he had still been in awe and wonder of the martial artists of the Divine Realm and the geniuses there. He was fully aware that there was no limit in the universe and that there would always be a higher mountain, a stronger person. He was aware of just how great this world was and how tiny he was.

Once, Lin Ming had thought that realizing all of this was a symbol of his horizons expanding, but now, his thoughts were even purer and more defined. Even if there was no limit in this universe and there was always a higher mountain, a stronger person – so what? Even if the Divine Realm was endless, and there were over a billion great worlds in the lower realms, with countless other smaller worlds – so what?

My road of martial arts is to conquer all, overcome all obstacles, and defy the will of the heavens!

I want to defy the heavens, I want to become a demon, I want to become an immortal, I want to step onto the peak of all martial arts and become an existence that surpasses an Empyrean!

From the age of 15 when Lin Ming first officially stepped onto the road of martial arts, 11 years had passed. 11 years ago, he was only an unimportant and minor character not worth remembering, but now, with just a few words, he was able to change the status quo of the Sky Spill Continent!

He was the Highest Under the Heavens!

Young Empyrean[edit | edit source]

Lin Ming had joined the recent Divine Realm First Martial Meeting. To enter the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting was to face every young genius in the entire Divine Realm, and Lin Ming had to face every obstacle along the way. From elites of a great world to the top geniuses of World King level Holy Lands, and from there, his legend had truly begun.

Once, Lin Ming had thought that realizing all of this was a symbol of his horizons expanding, but now, his thoughts were even purer and more defined. Even if there was no limit in this universe and there was always a higher mountain, a stronger person – so what? Even if the Divine Realm was endless, and there were over a billion great worlds in the lower realms, with countless other smaller worlds – so what?

My road of martial arts is to conquer all, overcome all obstacles, and defy the will of the heavens!

I want to defy the heavens, I want to become a demon, I want to become an immortal, I want to step onto the peak of all martial arts and become an existence that surpasses an Empyrean!

Lin Ming, who had begun his road in the Divine Realm had to face continuous pressure on himself. This had unearthed his great potential and had hurled him on equal grounds with Empyrean descendants! The so-called true young masters of the human race! Later on, he would crush each and every one of them.

Initially, after stepping on the grand stage of the Divine Realm, his talent was considered so-so as a top Holy Lord that had a chance at becoming a World King. Now, he was considered a young Empyrean; a title given to those who will eventually become Empyreans! And one at the top of all other Empyreans!

Asura Metamorphosis[edit | edit source]

After acquiring the drop of blood from the Asura Road Master in the Final Trial, Lin Ming discovered that not only does the bloodlines of Asura give you an increase in talent and comprehension ability in source laws, it also gives you the ability to transform.

After transforming, an Asura War God phantom would appear and it would assimilate within the martial artist. Then, mysterious curse seals would appear on Lin Ming’s face. Red flames seemed to cover his face, condensing into a blood red mask of curse seals. A mystic power of thunder lingered around his body, turning darker until it became a pitch black armor of thunder that constantly flashed around him. These were similar to the marks that covered the face of the black-armored war god and the Black Asura; they contained the mysteries of the Asura Heavenly Dao.

His hair lengthened, growing long. His black hair seemed to become dyed with fresh blood, becoming a vivid bright red.

At the same time, Lin Ming’s bones began to shine with runes. All sorts of mystical strengths from the heavens and earth gathered and formed armor that covered his skin, this armor was pitch black like a spider's carapace. Dragon scales emerged from beneath Lin Ming’s skin, wrapping around his entire body. Lin Ming’s hair would razily grow and his joints exploded as his body grew.

His joints crackled and popped. His body rose, becoming taller. His aura climbed, becoming increasingly wild and swift, fierce with a brutal savageness. Behind him, a massive six-armed and three-headed Asura phantom appeared. This Asura phantom seemed to have crawled out from a blood pond of hell. Its two pupils burned like twin suns, releasing a dreadful light.

Like this, Lin Ming grew half a foot higher. His muscles became denser and the outline of his body far more perfect.

A horrifying and potent aura erupted from within Lin Ming like a howling dragon. Behind him, a massive Asura phantom appeared, standing indomitable and imperious, seeming to hold the universe in its hands.

After stimulating the strength of the Asura Road Master’s blood essence, Lin Ming had undergone a body metamorphosis to become an Asura death god.[8]

Peak Holy Lord[edit | edit source]

At the height of his prominence during his youth, he had truly become the highest prodigy in all of heaven. Lin Ming had no equals in his generation, even masters like the Good Fortune Saint Son had been felled by his hands. He was the brightest and most brilliant star that overshadowed all comers. Lin Ming was truly an eternally rare talent that would be hard to come by in billions of years.

Lin Ming’s actions, all of his performances, could no longer be described as those of a peerless character. Rather, he could be called the number one junior within the entirety of the 33 Heavens!

Whether it was strength, talent, character, bearing, courage, or perseverance, he was simply perfection personified.

He was an infinitely gifted talent of the heavens, and was even recognized as someone who was destined to become an extreme True Divinity, perhaps even reaching the boundary of the Asura Road Master.

Abyss Devil Fusion[edit | edit source]

In the Final Trial, Lin Ming acquired an ancient demon relic unearthed by the disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace.

This demon relic was created from the essence of an extremely strong abyssal demon that the Asura Road Master had cut down in the past. It was far more powerful than the abyssal that Empyrean Primordius had seized the body of.

Because of the extremely potent energy hidden within the ancient demonic relic, Lin Ming was aided by Clear and Ink, and had used the Galaxy Void Furnace in refining the relic.

The power of demons and the demon bloodline had tried to invade Lin Ming’s body and possess him, but in the end he had subdued and digested it.

After galvanizing the great strength of the demon god, the essence had been mixed into Lin Ming's bloodline, fusing into his inner world, melting into his spiritual sea.

Now, Lin Ming could branch out this strength to easily manifest the aura of an abyssal. He had basically gained the ability to transform completely into an abyssal devil.

His Abyssal form had taken a similar form with the ancient demon. Layers of scales and bone armor appeared on him and his limbs became thicker and more stout.

His body would tear open. From his wounds, long bone spikes would jolt out.

These bone spikes were pure black. They were somewhat similar to Empyrean Primordius’ bone spikes, but a faint and horrifying demonic energy lingered on them, making them even sharper and more terrifying.

Hideous bone spikes jutted out from his elbows, and curved horns grew out of his head. On his back, a fearsome tail extended downwards.

His eyes turned blood red and his aura became vicious and dangerous. His eyes would give off an extremely demonic aura. As if they weren’t the eyes of a man, but the eyes of a rabid vicious beast.

His teeth would turn sharp and jagged. His features akin to that of a monsterous desolate beast.

He had completely taken the appearance of an abyssal demon, and not just that, but layers of demon power covered him, forming a faint black mist around him.[9]

True Divinity Lin Ming (真神林铭)[edit | edit source]

Later on, Lin Ming's presence would be more like a god, dignified and indifferent.

His eyes exuded the great strength of the world, the infinite mysteries contained in his eyes.

His eyes would be as deep as the universe itself and the world would seem to revolve around him.

Sometimes his eyes would release an odd light that filled anyone with awe and reverence, as if he was the incarnate of Heavenly Dao Law.

He would inspire the Heavenly Dao with every movement and gesture he made.

His every action and movement caused the surrounding Laws to ripple.

His body was at the peak of the 33 Heavens.

Each strength that he released would be enough to move the wind and rain.

Just the crackling of his muscles would sound like True Dragons roaring.

His inner world was brimming with life and vitality, as if it was the universe itself.

And his insight to the Great Heavenly Dao was unmatched, seemingly comprehending the true source of everything.

Human Emperor Lin Ming (人皇陛下林铭)[edit | edit source]

After fusing the Asura Sutra and the Holy Scripture, Lin Ming had become a true Celestial being. Beyond that of a True Divinity.

His achievements and speed at cultivating had surpassed all cultivators before him. And all of this had been done in a mere dozens of thousands of years!

It would not be exaggerated to say that he was the supreme talent of the entire 33 Heavens.

Upon cultivating to this stage, one was the Heaven and the Dao itself. His lifespan would be become virtually as long as the universe itself, immortal and indestructible!

He was both the Heaven and the Earth. Everything in existence seemed to bend according to his will. He was like a manifestation of nature itself, ruling over the laws.

Even the majesty of the Asura Road Master appeared to be inferior to Lin Ming who had fused Man and Universe. His Dao was perfect and flawless, forming a system in and of itself. Facing this person was akin to facing an entire universe.

His great power would exude the highest strengths of the Heavenly Dao, making him equal, if not, surpassing the Heavenly Dao.

His spirit could be said to have seemingly become eternal, becoming immortal just like the Heavenly Dao!

Lin Ming's absolute will was treated as the decree of god, supreme and all encompassing.

Just his words and actions would incite a Dao Domain, making one reach enlightenment instantly.

Lin Ming was basically an omnipotent being of the cosmos, indomitable and absolute.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Foundation Movement Technique[edit | edit source]

In the past, Lin Ming had rarely moved in battle. No matter how aggressive his enemy was or how threatening their killer moves, Lin Ming never escaped!

His fighting method was to completely meet an enemy head on in a battle of toughness. If he is strong, then I am stronger!

In a battle, Lin Ming’s aura was motionless like a mountain that had existed since time immemorial, as if he was that passing cable in a torrentially surging river. After Lin Ming had reached the Large Success stage in his cultivation method, so far the only one who had been able to force him back was Zhu Yan.

The reason for this method of fighting was mainly because of how formidable Lin Ming’s strength was, and how vigorous his true essence was. What he excelled most at was meeting an enemy head on, of course, but the other reason was because Lin Ming’s speed was just not that fast.

Flowers in a Storm[edit | edit source]

‘Flowers in the Storm’ was move within the ‘Foundation Spear Technique’. The strikes of the spear were like a hail of petals, without a single opening, where not even water could enter!

The name comes from its grandiose and elegant use of the spear yet yielding supreme might. Like flowers in a storm.

At the highest level, this simple spear technique could shoot spear lights at the limits of speed, one can say it is like a volley of shooting stars that could shake the world!

He shook his right hand and the Black Dragon Spear point began to violently shiver as innumerable spear shadows appeared!

Then, Lin Ming grasped his spear in both hands and rapidly thrust out – flowers in a storm!

The originally shaking spear shadows and the tens of thousands of thrusts that Lin Ming just stabbed out actually formed a net of attacks.

True Dragon Body Metamorphosis[edit | edit source]

After years of accumulating God Beast bloodlines, mainly True Dragon blood essence's, the density of his bloodlines has reached the point of being like a God Beast in both fleshy body and bloodline. At first he could only manifest the shadow of a True Dragon. Then, he could use the bloodlines in manifesting a True Dragon for an attack and finally could use the bloodline in transforming his body into that of a dragon. He could also use the bloodlines in creating a dragon armor. The full body transformation has never been seen in the novel. Chapter 1813

True Phoenix Body Metamorphosis[edit | edit source]

After years of accumulating God Beast bloodlines, a lot of which are True Phoenix blood essence's, the density of his bloodlines has reached the point of being like a God Beast in both fleshy body and bloodline.

Lin Ming has ever used the scope of the body transformation during his fight with the Situ family. He could us the bloodline in condensing fire akin to that of a True Phoenix's Chapter 1813. The full body transformation has never been seen in the novel.

God and Devil Fusion[edit | edit source]

From Lin Ming’s strength, whether it was the power of divinity from the Laws of the 33 Heavens, or the power of life from the Holy Scripture, it was inevitably biased towards the power of light.

But the power of the demon relic that Lin Ming absorbed was actually the power of pure darkness.

When a martial artist fused together the 33 Heavens’ Laws, the power they used was called the power of divinity.

And corresponding to that was the demon power of the abyssal demons. This was a kind of power that stood beyond the Laws of the 33 Heavens.

The power of divinity, the power of demons, these two strengths tangled within his inner world, causing more things to appear within it.

In addition to the two highest Laws of the Holy Scripture and Heavenly Sutra, Lin Ming’s inner world had become a miracle that no one had been able to accomplish in the vast and endless river of the years.

Fusing both essence energies of the world would bring about a powerful duality; polar opposites in perfect harmony. And after utilizing it, the new strength could asunder the heavens and shake the earth.[10]

Techniques[edit | edit source]

Attained in lower realms[edit | edit source]

  • Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist - Similar to the Flow like Silk, obtained from a fragmented jade slip from the Seven Profound Martial House. Created by an unknown elder, much less profound than the Flow like Silk. Based on the remaining 30% content, graded as low-grade earth-step.
  • Foundation Spear Technique - Obtained from a jade slip from the Seven Profound Martial House. Low-grade human-step grade.
  • Foundation Movement Technique - Obtained from a jade slip from the Seven Profound Martial House. Low-grade human-step grade.
  • Golden Roc Shattering the Void - An incomplete top movement technique without fixed patterns. It's necessary to gain insights into the concepts of wind and space to use it. Also obtained from the second unnamed Realm of the Gods master's soul fragment. Unknown grade (reached Second Layer in Chapter 555).
  • Pulse Cutting Palm - Destroy's the body's meridians, making it almost impossible to cultivate ever again, destroys the current cultivation (because of the meridians), makes the target sterile (they can't have s*x ever again resulting in an inability to make child). Usable only when the opponent's (current) True Essence weaker than the users. Also obtained from the second unnamed Realm of the Gods master's soul fragment. Unknown grade.
  • Heretical God Force - Makes possible to greatly enhance one’s strength for a short time, and true essence would also increase. Also makes possible to form diverse elemental souls/essences. It allows the user to absorb multiple elemental souls and essences, and combine it to form a more powerful elemental souls and essences. Obtained from the second unnamed Realm of the Gods master's soul fragment. Transcendent divine might. Currently known to be more compatible with fire and thunder elements. 
    • Flame Essence 
      • Earthcore Crimson Flame - The first Flame essence to get. Medium-grade human-step rank. Chapter 315
      • Fallen Star Flame - The second Flame essence to get. Medium-grade earth-step rank, corrosive attribute. Chapter 395
      • Burning Star Flame - The third Flame essence to got. Medium-grade heaven-step rank, annihilation attribute. Chapter 735
      • Heavenly Tribulation Flame - Chapter 1124
    • Thunder Soul 
      • Purple Flood Dragon Divine Thunder - The first thunder soul he got. Low-grade Earth-step rank. Chapter 216
      • Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder - The second thunder soul. It allows the user to swallow the blood essence of cultivators and use it for oneself. Low-grade Earth-step rank. Chapter 391
      • Disenchanting Dream Light - The third thunder soul. High-grade earth-step rank. Chapter 517
      • Nine Heavens Golden Thunder - The fourth thunder soul obtained. Top High-grade heaven-step rank. Chapter 816
      • Purple Lion Thunder Source - The first thunder source acquired by Lin Ming. It is at least 10x more powerfull than all heaven step thunder. Chapter 928
      • Heavenly Tribulation Thunder - Chapter 1124
  • Bi Luo’s Concealment Technique - Able to change one’s personal appearance and true essence fluctuations. At the beginning it was said it's able to hide one's cultivation, but it was revoked later. One of the small inconsistencies in the novel.
  • Great Desolate Halberd Art: Obtained from the soul memories of a great Demon Emperor from the Magic Cube. This skill is even greater than one used by the Netherworld Emperor and is also the original. The reason that Lin Ming had practiced the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’ was for spear skills and killing strength. Otherwise, Lin Ming’s spear skills would be at too great a disadvantage. Lin Ming learns this skill, and also uses it to create his own self-created techniques.
  • Soul Searching Technique - This was a secret skill of the demonic realm. Gives the user the ability to seach the victimes soul for information. Taught to Lin Ming by Demonshine. Later, it would be useless when Lin Ming could use the Magic Cube.
  • Sword of Judgment - Focuses the power of thunder through a weapon, greatly enhancing the destruction of an attack.
  • Thunder Battleform - A enhancing martial art that channels thunder throughout the entire body to increase attack and defensive strength.
  • Mystic Lightning Shade - A secret supportive skill. After gathering various types of divine thunder from the world, a martial artist could turn these divine thunders into numerous threads of lightning, condensing them into 12 vital thunder symbols. These thunder symbols could turn into an invisible power of thunder that could fuse into the body, significantly increasing a martial artist’s speed.
  • Thunderfire Dao Diagram - The Ancient Phoenix phantom condensed into fire, the Purple Lion Thunder Source condensed into thunder, this was Lin Ming’s strongest technique during his time as the Highest Under the Heavens, an attack which magnificence and power that eclipsed Penetrating Rainbow.

Higher Realms[edit | edit source]

  • Soul Shifting Art - An Arcane skill used to seize the bodies of others. It could help a soul that had lost its mortal shell to seize a new body. This technique was to support the seizing of a body. It could reduce the negative side effects of seizing a body to a minimum.This was an arcane skill developed by an ancient Empyrean. Although it didn’t have any striking power, it didn’t have any supportive effect on cultivation, and it definitely wasn’t on the level of a transcendent divine might, the rank was still extremely high. In particular, to a soul that had lost its mortal body, this was a priceless treasure.
  • Special Arcane Skil - Taught be Mo Eversnow. Makes one able to hide all the energy fluctuations from their martial skills.
  • Celestial Tyrant’s Hundred Layered Waves - It allows a martial artist’s strength to multiply when they fought, and could be used with fists, swords, sabers, and spears. Also In using the Celestial Tyrant’s Hundred Layered Waves, one’s strength could actually be superimposed, layered over and over on top of each other, constantly gathering until the last moment in a massive eruption. It is normally used by Lin Ming when fighting using a spear.
  • God Forbidding Seal - This was the most basic form of the Divine Seal Art, and that was to use the laws of devouring and laws of darkness inherent in a black hole to seal ghosts and gods! The application was in the form of divine seal marks that would form an array capable of absorbing strength and thus seal the target. There were a total of 3600 seals. Those seals looked common and simple, but after they sank into the target, they were like a pack of ravenous animals, recklessly eating up the energy of the target. The seals seemed as if they could swallow all of existence. 3600 points formed 3600 energy black holes, wantonly swallowing everything nearby. As for the energy they swallowed, it passed through some invisible channels that completely converged within Lin Ming’s body, gathering into that black hole seed!
  • Bodily Rebirth Technique - If a Divine Lord realm martial artist were to use this ability, not even a Great World King would be able to recognize him. After comprehending the Concept of Life, one could use this secret technique to change one's life aura, becoming an entirely different person. In fact, this was no longer solely an illusion. Rather, it was combined with all sorts of changes of the body and soul. This appearance changing technique didn’t have any striking power, but it was still very practical.
  • Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel - The wheel looks ash black, and seemed to contain millions of pained demonic souls, all of them incomparably fierce. The Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel has an inherent ability to crush apart all source force and evil spirits. Besides the Magic Cube, it could be called one of Lin Ming’s strongest methods in dealing with anything related to the soul. A demonic technique that swallows souls for one's cultivation. Acquired from the Asura Sutra.
  • Myriad Essence Reincarnation Wheel - A purple wheel that was like an endless vortex that gathered the power of the world. It didn’t have the thick terrifying feeling of the Myriad Demon Karmic Wheel, but instead seemed to contain countless profound martial intents and Laws within. What this wheel absorbs are origin energy and the deepest meaning of the Laws.
  • Three Lives Pupils - When the Divine Realm was invaded by the saints, humanity was in peril. Three Lives Old Man had decided to end his life in a fleeting moment of glory. But before he left, he had used some time to pass on the Three Lives Pupils technique to Lin Ming. He had originally opened the Daevic Eye Dao Palace. When combined with the Three Lives Pupils, both abilities complemented each other.
  • Grand Reincarnation Technique - A cultivation method at the same level as the Asura Sutra. It involves going through numerous reincarnations that would alter one's talent and potential exponentially. Ultimately, the cultivation method cultivates two main concepts of life and death.
  • God and Devil Fusion - When a martial artist fused together the 33 Heavens’ Laws, the power they used was called the power of divinity. And corresponding to that was the demon power of the abyssal demons. This was a kind of power that stood beyond the Laws of the 33 Heavens.Fusing both essence energies of the world would bring about a powerful duality; polar opposites in perfect harmony. And after utilizing it, the new strength could asunder the heavens and shake the earth.

Self Created Techniques[edit | edit source]

All techniques derived from Heretical God Force, enlightenment in concepts/laws, and arrays, as well as Great Desolate Halberd Art. Later combines the comprehensions brought on by the Heavenly Tribulation.

  • Thunderfire Annihilation - Fusion of the Flame Essence and Thunder Soul. (based on the Thunderbolt Devilfire Bead) (Ch 161)
  • Chasing Thunder - Concept of Thunder. (Ch 568)
  • Chasing Sun - Concept of Fire.
  • Penetrating Rainbow - Fusion of the Concept of Fire and Concept of Thunder.
  • Bury the Heavens - Concept of Fire and Space. (Ch 731)
  • Chain of Stars - Law of Annihilation. (Ch 746)
  • Heaven's Destruction - Law of Annihilation and Space.
  • Blue Lotus Fire Dance - This was Lin Ming’s self-created attack which he had comprehended during the smelting trial at Fire Spirit Star. It was a fusion of the first three level Concepts of the Fire Laws!
  • Heavenly Dao Judgment - Lightning - Elementary form of Lin Ming's Transcendent Divine Might. Endless bolts of thunder suddenly appeared in the skies, rushing to gather onto Lin Ming’s Phoenix Blood Spear. His spear light cut through space, emitting a terrifying sharp whistling sound. All of the thunder was swept up in Lin Ming’s spear strike, forming a massive purple vortex that spanned between the heavens and the earth. It was like the world itself was about to break apart! Heavenly Dao Judgment – heavenly thunder tribulation!
  • Heavenly Dao Judgment - Fire - Elementary form of Lin Ming's Transcendent Divine Might.
  • Virtual Disintegration - Concept of the fifth level of fire (Virtual Fire).
  • Star Incineration - Concept of the sixth level of fire (Yang Fire).

  • Ethereal - Obtained in the Icy Pond Waterfall Killing Array, hastens the Essence cultivation.
  • Lesser Samsara - Obtained in the Sorcerer's Pagoda, soul attack / defense intent, part of Great Samsara(999->1).
  • Empyrean Primordius Martial Intent / Chaos Martial Intent- Legend complete Empyrean Primordius Martial Intent has three parts.
    • Heavenly Demon Martial Intent - A fusion of three secondary martial intents. Each secondary intent must be obtained and can then be fused, based on individual perception and chance. Sub force field of the Primordius martial intent. Transcendent divine might.
      • Asura of the Heavenly Demon - It's primary use is to create a force field that can suppress any cultivator within the range of the force field. First obtained by completing all levels of King's Cage.
      • Death God of the Heavenly Demon - Create a force field that can stimulate the primal fear within the soul itself, affecting the control that the soul had over the body. Obtained by forming a twelve-winged Heavenly Demon tattoo.
      • Prime Emperor Lotus Flower – grandmist space - Creates a force field based on grandmist energy. Also called grandmist space which suppresses all laws and techniques (including will force) as long as the user is strong enough. Obtained through completing the Road of Emperor trials. A fusion of three secondary martial intents.
    • Heavenly Mortal Martial Intent
    • Heavenly God Martial Intent
  • Divine Dream Space - Transcendent Divine might by Empryrean Divine Dream.
  • Divine Seal Art - Transcendent Divine might by Empyrean Divine Seal.
  • Three Lives Pupils - Transcendent Divine might by Three Lives Old Man.
  • Heavenly Dao Judgment - Lin ming's self-created transcendent divine might. Comprehended on his 9-9 life destruction tribulation . Elementary divine might.
  • Feather Conversion Intent - A force field based on the Heavenly Dao comprehension of saint race's True God Soaring Feather God King. It is described as the having the beautiful colors of the rainbow.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Relatives[edit | edit source]

  • Lin Fu - Lin Ming's father
  • Lin Mu - Lin Ming's mother
  • Lin Xiaoge - Lin Ming's sister, born during the war with South Sea Demon Region.
  • Lin Ping - Lin Ming's sister, born after Xiaoge ascending.
  • Lin Huang - Lin Ming's first born son from Xiao Moxian, the name stands for hope and the wilderness. He has both the blood of Asura Road Master and a royal phoenix. Known for being a diligent cultivator and extremely talented.
  • Lin Yu - Lin Ming's second son from Mu Qianyu. He has both Asura Road Master and Immortal Sovereign bloodlines. Show to be very gentle and caring.
  • Lin Xuan - Lin Ming's first daughter from Qin Xingxuan. She has both Asura Road Master and Immortal Sovereign bloodlines. Not much is known about her.
  • Lin Jiu Er - Lin Ming's second daughter from Sheng Mei, the name comes from Sheng Mei's 9th Resurrection. She has both Asura Road Master and Immortal Sovereign bloodlines. At a young age, she was baptized by both Lin Ming and Sheng Mei's breakthrough into True Divinity, and thus was engraved with the highest forms of Heavenly Dao. The event made her even more gifted than she already is, making it more easier for her to breakthrough realms. But she is shown to be a very lax cultivator, resulting in her potential not being fully released.

Spouses[edit | edit source]

  • Mu Qianyu - Met in a nameless cave in Thundercrash Mountain, Lin Ming's senior sister at the Divine Phoenix Island. She is the saint level talent of the Divine Phoenix Island with an ultra pure Vermillion Bird bloodline. Their feelings for each other became more intimate prior to Lin Ming's adventures in the Southern Wilderness. Married to Lin Ming before he ventured the four divine kingdoms.[11]
  • Qin Xingxuan - Met in Sky Profound Kingdom. Considered a Saint level Talent in the lower planes. Their feelings for each other became more intimate after Lin Ming saved her from a deadly situation.(After obtaining ten drops of vermilion bird) Married to Lin Ming before he ascended to the Realm of the Gods.[12]
  • Xiao Moxian - Met at the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, and attained the 4th rank out of the entire Divine Realmhas a true divine royal Phoenix bloodline from her mother (a true Dark Phoenix) and is the granddaughter of Empyrean Demondawn. They later meet in the Asura Road, where they eventually grew into a love relationship.[13]
  • Sheng Mei - Met in Asura Road Final Trial, daughter of Immortal Sovereign. They later meet in the Akashic Dream Universe. Their story as heroic youths is steeped in rivalry and competition with each other, a rivalry of destiny per se. But their relationship was without even a tinge of sentiment nor feelings of love. Only later on did they appreciate one another and when their love truly blossomed. When he was being hunted down by Soaring Feather God King without hope of escaping, when he was also being eyed by the Soul Emperor on another side, it was Sheng Mei who had saved him. This graciousness was not one that Lin Ming would forget[14][15]

  • Lin Xiaodong - Lin Ming's best mortal friend. He had helped Lin Ming during his early martial struggles.
  • Lan Yunyue - Former girlfriend, childhood friend. Their paths would always inextricably link.
  • Mister Muyi - Inscription Master in the Sky Fortune Kingdom. Mid stage Houtian. Qin Xingxuan's inscription master.
  • Hong Xi - Taught lance movements to Lin Ming, before his dispute with Zhu Yan.
  • Qin Ziya - The previous master of the Sky Fortune Martial House and later an outer court elder of the Seven Profound Valleys, early stage Xiantian. A master of the Zither and a benefactor to Lin Ming.
  • Jiang Lanjian - Lin Ming’s friend. At the Seven Profound Valleys’ Total Faction Martial Meeting, Jiang Lanjian had left an incredibly deep impression on Lin Ming. In fact, there was a period of time where Lin Ming needed to hide his true name and had called himself Lin Lanjian instead.
  • Jiang Baoyun - On Lin Ming’s road of martial arts, Jiang Baoyun couldn’t be considered an amazing rival. Compared to those favored children of heaven like the Good Fortune Saint Son and Sheng Mei, he was not worthy of mention at all. But Lin Ming had a very deep impression of Jiang Baoyun. This was because of his daring pride and his ambition that seemed to reach into the clouds. He reminded him of his mantra to become like a moth into the flames.
  • Demonshine - A weakened fragment of the Demon Emperor's contract beast, a Holy Three-Headed Demon Dog, that was residing in the Demon Emperor's soul fragment until Lin Ming consumed the fragment. He has assisted Lin Ming on multiple occasions and also the self-proclaimed divine guardian dog of the Vermillion Divine Kingdom
  • Muk Gu - Inheritor of a low 5th grade powerhouse in the Holy Demon Continent.
  • Da Gu - He is one of the Giant Demon that shows no hostility for humans. He advised Lin Ming about Skysplit Tower. One of the top masters at his floor.
  • Feng Shen - A Fey Martial Artist from a renowned Holy Land in the Holy Demon Continent. He is considered by Lin Ming as close friends in the past.
  • Lan Xin - A Fey martial Artist from the Blue Silver Holy Lands in the Holy Demon Continent. She is considered by Lin Ming as close friends in the past.
  • Duanmu Qun - A Fey Martial Artist from the Divine Wood Holy Lands in the Holy Demon Continent. He is considered by Lin Ming as close friends in the past.
  • Li Yifeng - Seven Stars Divine Kingdom Prince and Lin Ming's friend.
  • Shibai - Patriarch of the Forsaken God's Clan and a benefactor to Lin Ming.
  • Old Man Good Fortune - Divine Sea Supreme Elder from the Divine Realm and also Lin Ming's friend.
  • Fairy Feng - One of the Vice Palace Masters of Phoenix Cry Palace and Lin Ming's master. In Timeworn Phoenix City, she had recognized and advised Lin Ming. She left a lifesoul jade slip onhim, and even spent a part of her cultivation to help his wives in the lower realms. Finally, she personally helped Lin Ming ascend to the Divine Realm. If it weren’t for Senior Fairy Feng, Lin Ming would’ve needed to waste a great deal of time and reach the Divine Sea before ascending.
  • Yan Littlemoon - An acquaintance of Lin Ming during his first adventures in the Divine Realm. Her body was possessed by Mo Eversnow and had been used to escape a life and death peril.
  • Duke Golden Sword - Ancient Phoenix Clan's Captain of the Disciplinary Enforcement Division & Headquarter Envoy. Met during the Ancient Phoenix Smelting Trial. Admires Lin Ming's great daring and combat ability.
  • Huo Violentstone - One of the Highest Elders of Ancient Phoenix Clan and the Patriarch of the Huo Family. A master and benefactor of Lin Ming, even though albeit mostly because of his talent.
  • Mo Qianxue - A former Half-step World King and now the one who is in control of Heavenly Empress Xuan Qing's body. Without Mo Eversnow, Lin Ming would not have been able to use the Magic Cube even if he obtained it, and thus he wouldn’t have his present achievements. Without Lin Ming, it was unknown just when Mo Eversnow would have ever recovered her consciousness. Thus, Mo Eversnow and Lin Ming’s accidental encounter could be called Lin Ming’s luck and also Mo Eversnow’s luck.
  • Mo Riverbliss - Aunt to Mo Eversnow. Benefactor of Lin Ming.
  • Huo Violentstone - Huo family patriarch and Lin Ming's benefactor in the Ancient Phoenix Clan.
  • River Feather - A martial artist from a renowned family in Immemorial Imperial City. He had pawned his great secret, his fate reverser at Starbind Bank for Lin Ming to be able to purchase the Boundless World Pill. This was a great testimony of his loyalty and belief in Lin Ming. Thus, he could be considered a true friend of Lin Ming.
  • Dragon Fang - One of the finalists of the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting. Once, Lin Ming considered him as his rival. Later, the both of them would diverge paths and grow distant.
  • Jun Bluemoon - One of the finalists of the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting. He was particularly strange out of all the finalists. Jun Bluemoon notably carries a rusty sword along with this tiny rabbit. It is later revealed that the rabbit was Jun Bluemoon's lover. This rabbit only had her remnant soul left and took the form of a rabbit. The specifics of the event are unknown.
  • Hang Chi - One of the finalists of the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting. Lin Ming's impression towards Hang Chi wasn’t bad at all. This young monk held no earthly desires and was pure in heart and mind, only wishing to wholeheartedly cultivate. This sort of person wouldn’t have a poor moral character.
  • Emperor Shakya - The War Buddha of the Mount Potala Sect; he is an extreme Empyrean, one of the main forces of the Human Race. He was the one who sent a billion of his clones to the lower realms and achieved a billion samsaras. And yes, it was one of his clones that was sent to Sky Spill Continent 3000 years from the current timeline.
  • Great Limitless Buddha - The leader/sectmaster of Mount Potala Sect; he is an extreme Empyrean, one of the main forces of the Human Race.
  • Skyrend Godlord - An extreme Empyrean, one of the main forces of the Human Race. Later one of Lin Huang's masters.
  • Grandmaster Xue - An acquaintance of Lin Ming during his adventures in the Asura Road. It was through him that Lin Ming obtained the second jade slip for Asura Road Master's inheritance
  • Grandmaster Su - An acquaintance of Lin Ming during his adventures in the Asura Road. He helped Lin Ming contact Blood Moon, who was in fact the missing sister of Mo Qianxue.
  • Su Ya - An acquaintance of Lin Ming during his adventures in the Asura Road. She was a member in Lin Ming's party in the Final Trial.
  • Dark Demon Monarch - An extreme Empyrean, one of the main forces of the Human Race. First appeared in the Wild Universe Arc.
  • Empyrean Divine Seal - An ancient hero of the human race who led against the invasion of the saints 3.6 billion years ago. Furthermore, he is also Lin Ming's half master and the originator of Lin Ming's Black Hole Horizon martial technique. They can also be considered as co-disciples of the Asura Road Master.
  • Primordial God Clan - With Lin Ming during their escape from the Good Fortune Saint Emperor. Benefactor to Primordius. Helps the humans against their common enemy, the saints.
  • Celestial Race - With Lin Ming during their escape from the Good Fortune Saint Emperor. Helps the humans against their common enemy, the saints.
  • Ink - The Asura Road Master's servants and the protector god of the Asura Road. Along with Clear, he is tasked to be duty-bound in the war between the abyssals. Later on, he and Clear save Lin Ming in a life-death situation with the Soul Emperor.
  • Clear - The Asura Road Master's servants and the protector god of the Asura Road. Along with Ink, he is tasked to be duty-bound in the war between the abyssals. Later on, he and Ink save Lin Ming in a life-death situation with the Soul Emperor.
  • Asura Road Master - The martial god of the 33 Heavens, creator of the Asura Road and also Lin Ming's highest master. During Lin Ming's road to divinity, he has been pivotal in shaping his martial road and has been a core figure in Lin Ming's older life. It was through his Asura Road that Lin Ming had reached newer heights and acquired a top legacy for him to reach his lofty goals.
  • Immortal Sovereign - The creator god of the Akashic Dream Universe and Lin Ming's half master. It was through his Holy Scripture that Lin Ming was able to be revived from his dying embers in the Sky Spill Continent and accomplish his Heaven and Man union. Immortal Sovereign had also saved Lin Ming from peril during his final years in the Dark Abyss.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Sky Spill Continent[edit | edit source]

  • Lin Ming came from the most common of mortal backgrounds. He was the son of a restaurant manager for the Lin Family.
  • Based on the seasons and time-scale of when he mentions his birthday, one can speculate that his birthday is either in the months of July-August.
  • His martial talent initially was at the 3rd Common Grade of Mortals.
  • Deboning was how Lin Ming had first come into contact with the Martial Way. Within his parent's restaurant, he trained himself in the deboning process every day for ten years. It was how he managed to form a solid martial foundation. For Lin Ming, the deboning process was the equivalent of a practice session in the art of precision.[16]
  • His early set of cultivation methods, including the Heretical God Force, came from the Magic Cube.
  • The Heretical God Force was assumed to have come from an ancient evil god and was found on an ancient ruin. Later it was known that the Heretical God Force came from an ancient powerhouse of the God clan.
  • He met Qin Xingxuan back at his home country, Sky Fortune Kingdom.
  • He met Mu Qianyu, in an expansive mountain named Thundercrash Mountain.
  • At the Pulse Condensation realm, Lin Ming had already developed a photographic memory.[17]
  • Lin Ming was a resolute individual who killed with decisiveness. He had one weakness, and that was that he cared too much for the safety of his friends and family. This could be seen from when Lin Ming had gone to rescue Qin Xingxuan.
  • Lin Ming is shown to be cunning and decisive in both words and actions. He has, in many cases, always threw his enemies insults right back at them. In certain situations, he is swift to kill when given the tiniest chance, especially to those enemy that are also incredibly cunning.
  • In the past, he had once tried stepping onto the slaughter path. However, he eventually proved that the road others trod didn’t necessarily suit him. Only by walking his own path would he be able to move towards the peak of all martial arts. Lin Ming finally took the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’ as well as several other different techniques, using them as a foundation. After comprehending the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’ and fusing in the Concept of Space, the Concept of Thunder, as well as the Concept of Fire, he was able to create moves such as Chasing Sun, Chasing Thunder, Penetrating Rainbow, and Bury the Heavens. To Lin Ming, the power of these abilities was far mightier than the pure ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’.[18]
  • When he ascended to the Divine Realm, his talent was only as great as a young Holy Lord. Capable of killing late Divine Sea "Emperors" in the lower realms with only a Life Destruction cultivation.
    • Lin Ming didn’t complain or blame the heavens that he wasn’t born in the Divine Realm. This was because for a martial artist to be born in the Divine Realm, that in itself was also a part of their destiny. If a martial artist was born in the lower realms then they could only say their destiny was lacking. But Lin Ming was an anomaly – he had obtained the Magic Cube when he was at the body transformation realm. If this weren’t the Sky Spill Continent but the Divine Realm, how could he have come upon such a great stroke of destiny? Could he have still reached his present achievements? Thus, martial artists of the lower realms should never think that it would be better if they were born in the Divine Realm. If they were already mentally defeated before they even cultivated the martial path, then these thoughts would strangle them, making them always feel as if they were inferior to martial artists of the Divine Realm and correspondingly making it more difficult for them to have any great accomplishments. After all, even in the abandoned and barren Sky Spill Continent, in these last 100,000 years there had also been outstanding individuals like the Demon Emperor, Emperor Shakya, and even Yang Yun.
  • After ascending, those who spoke ill of him would refer Lin Ming as 'that person'. His legend had been the greatest for the past 100,000 years in the Sky Spill Continent.

Divine Realm[edit | edit source]

  • When he had ascended and entered the Ancient Phoenix Clan, Lin Ming came from the Sky Spill Continent’s Nuyan Family Clan, so he should be named Nuyan Ming. However, he felt that this name was a bit awkward so he decided to use his given name instead. In any case, the Ancient Phoenix Clan only looked at one’s bloodline; the surname was just for recording purposes.
  • As a disciple of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, Lin Ming had enjoyed some special privileges. Normally, a disciple that just joined would have to perform a variety of chores. For instance, guarding, mining, tending to the medicine garden, and so on. But because of his relationship with Fairy Feng, he was exempt from this mandatory service.
  • Lin Ming was aware that he encountered numerous lucky chances in the lower realms. But compared to the top geniuses of the Divine Realm, lucky chances like the Sorcerer Pagoda in the Southern Wilderness or the adventure through the Demon God Imperial Palace could only be considered ordinary at best. Let alone his lucky chances, the most core reason for his misgivings were his origins. After all, the first 15 years of his life had nearly been a complete waste in terms of cultivation. As for a talented disciple of the Divine Realm, from birth their body was bathed in all sorts of heavenly materials and they ate various spirit pills and luxurious spirit foods.
  • After perfectly opening the Gate of Opening, Lin Ming’s relatively above average perception had leaped the dragon gate and had arrived at a higher level. Because of this his perception had reached the peak of the highest echelons within all the geniuses of the Divine Realm. One could even say that opening the gate of opening was the beginning of Lin Ming truly having no weakness! If one had to insist, then maybe Lin Ming’s weak point could only be his cultivation speed. But in exchange, he would have always had unrivaled combat prowess. Of course, through the years this cultivation speed was only compared to peak geniuses like Xiao Moxian.
  • In Lin Ming's Heretical God Sprout of thunderfire, he had a total of 6 leaves before becoming the God Tree. Of the three flame leaves, one was shaped like a heart, one was shaped like a stone tablet, and the last was shaped like a blue lotus. Of the three thunder leaves, one was shaped like a sword, one was shaped like a golden tripod with a purple lion relief carved into it, and the last was shaped like a sovereign heavy sword.The six leaves each represented a different Law. The Divine God tree would bloom in the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting; Chapter 1261.
  • When Lin Ming was at Thundercrash Mountain and the Demon God Imperial Palace, he had competed with others for a massive lucky chance, dancing on the edge of life and death to do so. But, he had never directly confronted those powerful individuals that were far stronger than him. Instead, he had relied on planning and timing. It had never been like that day in the God Beast Mystic Realm when he directly seized the food from the tiger’s mouth. If he managed to escape then his harvests would be infinite. Otherwise, he would die!
  • Lin Ming had first crossed Life Destruction at 22 years of age. Now, nearly 10 years had passed. Everything so far had been for this final moment! And the nine stages of Life Destruction had taken Lin Ming 10 years of time. He had nearly crossed a stage each year! Solid, step-by-step, steady and without a single shortcut taken. This speed was considered relatively slow for a Divine Realm genius. However, such a patient and steady cultivation speed had brought tremendous benefits to Lin Ming. It had formed the foundation for him to hurtle into the future, overcoming all!

Divine Realm First Martial Meeting[edit | edit source]

  • Lin Ming realized that in truth, the Magic Cube was the least valuable of the three divine tools to him. This was because his achievements in soul cultivation were the lowest.[19]
  • He met Xiao Moxian at the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting.
  • Lin Ming could be considered as having many lucky chances, but he also had many teachers and masters. From the start, it had been the soul fragments in the Magic Cube, followed by others, included Demonshine, who had given him many pointers, Mo Eversnow, and even Empyrean Primordius could be considered as Lin Ming’s half-master.[20]
  • After having received transcendent lucky chances during the First Martial Meeting, his talent grew from a young Great World King into that of a powerful young Empyrean. Later on, he would reach higher heights during the 33 Divine Seal Steps and acquired a cultivation method from a True Divinity expert. These serendipitous chances gave him the strength to equal Ice Dream, an incarnation of a half-step True Divinity.
  • After reaching the Divine Sea Realm and further, he had always been able to fight powerhouses that were two large boundaries above himself.

Asura Road[edit | edit source]

  • In the Asura Road, Lin Ming had mostly enhanced his inscription techniques and became a Divine Inscription Master.
  • During his first Final Trial, he had reached a total completion of 92%. For the last 3.6 billion years Lin Ming was the first to achieve a 90 percentage. When he came back, Lin Ming had eventually completed the 100% mark.
  • After the Final Trial, he had truly became the number one talent of the 33 Heavens. He even faintly surpassed the Soul Empress Sheng Mei who comprehended the Holy Scripture.
  • When Lin Ming went to the Asura Road, he had stayed there for a total of 58 years, 6 months, and 12 days. However, because he was subject to the laws of Tragic Death Valley that flowed at a rate ten times faster than the outside for 20 years, so in truth he had cultivated there for 80 years.
  • After returning to the Divine Realm, Lin Ming had defeated the Good Fortune Saint Son at the Monster Emperor's Birthday Banquet.
  • In the past when he came out to adventure, he had done so with the status of a junior, and was even considered young amongst all juniors. As for smelting trials, they often compared talent but not absolute strength. Thus, a suppression that came from skeletal age was relatively common amongst them. But to Lin Ming, the suppression that came from these Laws was advantageous to him instead. Many opponents that were more powerful than he was were forced onto an even ground, and on even terms, even Soul Empress Sheng Mei was inferior to Lin Ming. But after several millennia had passed, Lin Ming had actually become a senior instead, and now he was the one being suppressed by the Laws.[21]

33 Heavens[edit | edit source]

  • For such a genius like Lin Ming, if an opponent of a lower cultivation boundary were to fight him, that was simply the same as tossing vegetables in his face. It was nothing more than committing suicide. This was the same even for ancient geniuses. This was because Lin Ming might be described as the most amazing genius to appear within the 33 Heavens for the last several billions of years or even all-time!
  • The destiny of a world, cause and effect, all of these were ephemeral and unpredictable things that Lin Ming didn’t want to be touched by. Especially during the times of war when he had far too many matters that have yet to be completed.
  • Lin Ming could be considered as having many lucky chances, but he also had many teachers and masters. From the start, it had been the soul fragments in the Magic Cube, followed by others, included Demonshine, who had given him many pointers, Mo Eversnow, and even Empyrean Primordius could be considered as Lin Ming’s half-master.
  • To point a spear at another person was in itself a sign of provocation. In the past, Lin Ming had rarely done so. He had only declared a challenge towards someone at spear point four times. Once was during his youth, when he had pointed his spear at Zhu Yan; that was a fight for himself. The second time was on the Divine Seal Altar when he had pointed his spear at Nether Limitless; that was for the glory of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands. The third time was with the Monster Prince during the Divine Realm First Martial Meeting, that was for the glory of the humans. The fourth was with the Good Fortune Saint Son during the Monster Emperor's Longevity Feast, that was for his son and wife.
  • Lin Ming mainly dual cultivated in the body and energy, and cultivated the soul as an auxiliary third.
  • Ultimately, the reason Lin Ming became an everlasting legend was because he trained to the extreme, devoted himself to his ambition and firmed his heart of martial arts. Of course, this was inseparable from Lin Ming’s solid foundation. If it weren’t for his impossibly deep true essence and his extremely tempered body, then he really wouldn't have been able to attain supreme lucky chances like the Asura Sutra and Holy Sciprture that made him who he is.
  • Lin Ming is someone who has experienced countless trials and near death situations before. But in his entire life, he has only experienced a single major setback in his entire martial road... But turned it into a great chance that entirely boosted his arsenal and strength.
  • The road he wanted to walk down was one that no one had ever walked down even in 10 billion years. To many geniuses, if they could only cultivate their inner or outer universe and bring it to the limit, that was already an unimaginable achievement. And wanting to fuse the two together, that was just the wishful thinking of a crazed idiot. However, Lin Ming and the Demon God's Tomb Master have walked this road, and the both of them indeed have the capital to reach the fusion of Heaven and Man.
  • To the humans of the wild universe, Lin Ming was a legendary name. There was no one had not heard of him and no one who did not know of him. In the confrontations between the saints and humanity, humanity had been defeated and defeated again. But, it was Lin Ming alone who caused humanity to completely cover the saints’ limelight. Almost 6000 years ago Lin Ming had been the number one genius of humanity. Not only was he the number one genius of humanity, he was also the number one genius of the 33 Heavens! Even the saints and the spiritas were unable to deny this truth.[22]
  • His prestige has earned him the respect and worship of countless humans, this alone has made him the Spiritual God of the human race. The hope and vanguard of his people.
  • At Empyrean, he solidified his strength as the greatest cultivator in history, faintly above the Asura Road Master and Immortal Sovereign.
  • His title after reaching the Empyrean realm was the Human Emperor. In a time of extreme crisis and great tribulation, Lin Ming was given this title to solidify his prestige and strength as the spiritual leader and ultimately the first person of the human race.
  • It only took him a mere dozens of thousands of years for His Majesty to become a Beyond Divinity. If we do the math, then it would be no more than 40,000 years! Thus, we can infer that his legend was unprecedented.

Human Sovereign World[edit | edit source]

  • He became the supreme divine god of the 33 Heavens, unrivaled and absolute. In the current 33 Heavens, he is but a singularity that surpass all.
  • After the war, he had still continued to cultivate in order to fulfill two of his undying wishes:
    1. The Human Sovereign wished to revive the souls that had died in the war. Most notably, he wished to revive the Asura Road Master, Immortal Sovereign, Divine Mist, Jun Bluemoon and Vast Universe.
    2. The second wish has to deal with Sheng Mei's exit to another world and how Lin Ming is finding a way to reach her.
  • He created a second Emperor Bone Sea for the heroic heroes that tragically died in the Asura Sea War.
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True Martial World - sequel novel[edit | edit source]

  • Lin Ming meets Sheng Mei in the True Martial World novel and teaches the Heavenly Dao to the martial artists at that parallel world. Thereafter, that world had undergone a great upheaval and the golden age of martial arts blossomed.
  • Lin Ming and Sheng Mei teach eight disciples that eventually become similar to True Divinity beings in that world. Eventually they are called the Eight Godly Monarchs.
  • Lin Ming is called the Dao Originator Celestial Thearch and the absolute paragon of martial arts.
  • After visiting this world, it is said that he moved on into other worlds with Sheng Mei and Little Fishy.

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