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Formations (阵 zhèn) (阵法 zhènfǎ) – divided into battle formations and spell formations, although they are often just called “formations”. Battle formations are “fantasy-fied” tactical formations used by several cultivators or martial artists attacking in concert. Spell formations are also called Arrays. They’re essentially magic circles which cast a continuous area-of-effect spell on the location the formation encompasses.

  • Formation Flags (阵旗 zhènqí) – magical flags set up at key points in order to activate a spell formation (usually around the perimeter).
  • Restrictions (禁制 jìnzhì) (禁法 jìnfǎ) – also translated as Seals / Restrictive Spells / Spell Restrictions. Somewhat similar to formations. They are spells which form a barrier around a location or act to seal/suppress a person or object.[1]


There are many different varieties of complex array formations. If they had to be classified, they would be imprisoning arrays, killing arrays, , protective arrays, illusory arrays, sealing arrays, and so forth.

Protective Array Formations[]

A protective array was different from killing arrays, caging arrays, or illusion arrays. Of the latter three, in order to cage someone, kill someone, or bring someone under illusion, they all required that the person step into them, thus producing the possibility that someone could break out.

But for a protective array, it was to keep all enemies outside. And all central mechanism of an array formation were located within. Wanting to break through was easier said than done.

Imprisoning Arrays Formations[]

The function of an imprisoning array was to trap the enemy within.

Killing Arrays Formations[]

A killing array can be created to kill an enemy. In higher levels, killing arrays can be either remotely controlled or set as a trap.

Illusory Array Formations[]

An illusory magic array was to let an enemy be lost in an endless dreamland so they could never awaken or to ruin their mental state.

Sealing Array Formations[]

A sealing array was to make seals.


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